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Launched by Pope Francis in 2013, what is MISSIO?
Trending Projects
Help serve God's beloved poor of Haiti
Mission to the Beloved serves God's beloved Poor in Haiti, especially in Anse-à-Veau. Fr. Louis and his staff are raising money to feed the 30-40...
Buy a Truck for a Home for the Deaf
Our Lady of the Resurrection Social Center is a home for deaf children in Yaounde, Cameroon. Sister Gerard Ina is fundraising to purchase a car or...
Provide Clean Drinking Water
In Mandalay, Myanmar water contamination is a serious situation that poses health hazards. Though water is abundant, it has heavy lime content and...
Why Should You Choose Missio?
Missio offers you a place to encounter the Missions whenever and wherever you are. Launched by Pope Francis, MISSIO offers you a direct connection with his Missions and with those helping our mission family. Missio is an opportunity to choose how to put your faith into action, and a way to answer the call to each one of us who are baptized to be missionaries ourselves, through prayer and sacrifice, in word and deed.
Missio offers unfiltered access to those in greatest need – and to those who are making the greatest difference in their lives.
Missio’s existing global network ensures 100% of your support will go directly to the project and the people that you select.
Missio builds a community of support to maximize success in the missions. Missio members come from all walks of life, and share their efforts with others committed to helping change the world.
The Pope’s mission societies have built up the Church and served the poor for more than 100 years.
Missio shares all the necessary information and provides unfiltered access to the project leaders. You can ask questions, learn about what is really going on, and offer support in a variety of ways.
While not everyone can travel half a world away, Missio brings us all a little closer so that your involvement can be direct, immediate and impactful.

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What we dream alone remains a dream. What we dream together, can become a reality.