Capilla Sagrado Corazón
Violence and drug addiction plague the youth of Villa La Cárcova in Argentina - one of the villas miseria, or misery villages. The Sacred Heart Chapel, or the Capilla, is a small comprehensive care center for children and families in the poorest area of Villa Cárcova where no other Church presence exists. Padre Pepe, one of Pope Francis’ “priests in the slums” provides food, academic support, catechesis, sports and other recreation activities at the Capilla. Support this important mission.
Fundraising Goal
Amount Raised

Project Leader:
Reverend Jose Maria "Pepe" Di Paola
Diocesis de San Martín
What Your Donation Can Do!
$100 Pays for school supplies and educational support for 30 children for one month (notebooks, pencils, pens, rubber and sharpener)
$250 Buys complete snacks for 50 children (milk, cocoa and sweet biscuits)
$500 Buys sport equipment for school sports (balls, nets, bibs, footwear)
$2,500 Pays for transportation to and from Cordoba to San Clemente del Tuyu for recreation

Project Updates
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