Creating a Project and Starting a Fundraiser on MISSIO Is Easy

First, we ask a few simple questions to help you set up your MISSIO project. Next, you provide the answers, review your work and confirm the details. (If you reside in a country outside of the United States, please click here to create your project.)

If you're U.S.-based, are you ready to create your project? Start now by choosing a project type and completing all the fields on this page. (Remember, if you live outside of the United States click here.) Be sure to include the name and contact information for the project leader. This is the person in the Missions connected with a Catholic organization responsible for making sure the work gets done.

Bottom line – you are not the project leader (you’re the fundraiser). For more information about project types, project leaders and funding read Things You May Want to Know at the bottom of this page.

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Project Leader: The project leader is the person in the country you selected (left) who is responsible for making sure the work gets done, and who will receive the support gathered on MISSIO.

How Much Do You Want To Raise?

Fundraising Goal (remember - crowdfunding is a method of raising funds online by getting a "crowd" to donate in small amounts to a larger dollar goal).

Tell Us About Your Project (explain your mission and compel people to contribute in just a few succinct paragraphs. Clearly communicate what you are doing and show what you are raising money for).

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    Things You May Want to Know

    Is Missio Free?
    Yes. Hard to believe, right? We don't charge any fees to fundraise, so you can rest assured knowing that all of the funds donated will go directly to your project.
    Who or What is Missio?
    Missio is powered by The Pontifical Mission Societies which are under the direct canonical jurisdiction of the Pope. Missio offers some of the same features as big name crowdfunding sites and a lot more. Missio is transparent, secure and most importantly, we have more than 100 years’ experience helping some of the most vulnerable communities around the world.
    Do I Have to Choose a Fundraising Category?
    Sorry, you can't politely decline. Choosing a category helps us present your project to potential supporters in a meaningful way. Community building and advocacy projects (think church-building and anti-trafficking campaigns), fall under the category "Faith and Empowerment," education initiatives for children and adults should be categorized under "Hope and Education." Lastly, "Love and Service" covers programs directed at healthcare and nutrition.
    Who is the Project Leader/Why Do You Need This Information?
    The project leader is the person in the missions responsible for making sure the work gets done. Project leaders are part of the Missio community and share updates, photos and good wishes with project supporters. Keep in mind, though, that project leaders live in the Missions. In other words, next time you complain that your 4G is slow, remember most project leaders have 0G.
    How Does My Project Receive Funds?
    Once a project meets its funding goal, the funds are made available as soon as they can be transferred through the Church's existing network by utilizing the services of the Vatican’s Diplomatic Mission in a given country. We can get funds just about anywhere in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Europe in the local currency.
    How Do I Spread the Word?
    Missio provides a number of tools to help you communicate with friends and family about your project. Once you become a member of the Missio community and start fundraising, you will have access to a My Missio dashboard which allows you to send emails and post updates. Of course, we also encourage the use of social media.
    Can I Create More Than One Project?
    Well, aren't you the over-achiever! Yes, you can create multiple projects on the Missio site. To do so, simply complete the process for your first fundraiser and then select the Create a Project link to post a new fundraiser.
    Review Your Project Information

    Great job! You’re almost done. Please review the information on this page. If you need to make any changes, please go back. If the information on this page is correct, please select confirm.

    Project Details:
    Project Leader Information:
    First Name
    Last Name
    Want to Share Your Fundraiser With a School or Parish?
    Before launching your fundraiser, you may want to expand your reach and build a community of prayerful support around your project by entering a city or state or zip code below to locate a school or parish you think would be interested in learning more about MISSIO and the project you are championing. To learn more about this step read Things You May Want to Know at the bottom of this page.
    Please Select a Parish:
    Please Select a School:
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    Things You May Want to Know

    Do I Have to Name a Parish or School?
    Nope. This step is completely optional. However, if you do decide to name a parish, school or both, know that you are not committing these organizations to give money – you are simply expanding the community of people who might be interested in learning more about your fundraiser.
    Can I name any parish or school?
    Absolutely! Thanks to social media, you may have re-connected with a lot of old friends and teachers from your Catholic elementary school (like that weird boy that always sat in the back of the class). Why not let them know you’ve become a member of the Missio community and share your project with them? Perhaps you would like to add the parish where you serve as a choir member or the parish where you attend Mass regularly… the choice is yours.
    I would like to add a parish and school but I don’t see them listed. What should I do?
    Simply click the button that says: Add My Organization and follow the directions. Our customer service team will be sure to hook you up.
    I’m so busy. How will I find time to communicate with people?
    As a project leader, you will have exclusive access to My Missio which includes awesome tools for communicating with people via email, the web and social sharing. Best of all, you can schedule many of your communications ahead of time allowing you to continue doing all the amazing stuff you already do!
    Please Tell Us About You!

    Almost done! Just a few more details are required before we wrap up and launch your fundraiser. Please enter your name and email address. Then, pick a name for your fundraiser that will make people want to read more about your cause. Make it short, descriptive and inspirational! Most importantly, make sure that it is different from the project name. For example, if your project name is: Scholarships for Girls in Thailand consider as a fundraiser title: Educate for the Future!

    Select enter when you are done – if you are a registered MISSIO user, you will be prompted to login. Otherwise, you will be asked to enter a password to be registered automatically with the MISSIO community.

    Name Your Fundraiser!
    Review Your Project Information and Fundraiser

    Okay – here’s your final look before launch. Make sure the information on this page is correct. If you need to make any changes, please go back. If the information on this page is correct, please select confirm.

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    Well done! You just took the first step toward making the world a better place. Feel free to pat yourself on the back. "Manage My Fundraiser" takes you to tools for communicating about and keeping track of your fundraiser. And you can also always access these tools from your Login Name shown in the header section above. "View Project Updates" takes you to the Project details, with Updates from the Project Leader and Supporters.
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